It is time to turn our pantries, food systems, personal care, food culture, and environmental choices around. I make it my mission to invite people to get excited about that and to feel positive and motivated about nourishing themselves and their families with real, whole food, sustainably and locally produced, the way God intended for us to nourish our bodies.

I am also certified by the Institute for Responsible Technology to speak on the subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs); their origins and the devastating health and environmental consequences of their consumption and use.

A list of topics and descriptions are available upon request. Alternatively, I am happy to tailor a presentation specifically for your organization. I am passionate about sharing with others and about inviting them into living life nourished! There’s so much to say!

Additionally, I am a certified speaker and trainer for the Your Secret Name coaching program and it is a joy and privilege to guide others into discovering their identity in Christ! This is a very important part of living life nourished!