Free 7-Day Gentle Reset

Gently reset your body's natural detoxification pathways with nutrient dense, whole foods! 

January is over and you tried to ditch the sugar or some other form of juice cleanse or detox, but it didn't work or it was too difficult to stick to, or maybe you were successful, but still need a little something extra.

That's where this soup cleanse and reset comes in; it's winter and the need for soothing, warming foods. It's gentle, rather than harsh, and it nourishes your body's natural detoxification pathways. Keeping your body's detoxification pathways open and clear is one of the best things you can do to prevent sickness. Our bodies are so beautifully designed, and innately lean toward health. The body's ability to detoxify is one of the mechanisms that helps our bodies lean toward health.

You also need healthy fats and clean protein for your body to work at it's optimal best!

This gentle reset will work to lessen inflammation, cleanse the bowels, and reboot your immune system. The warming, nourishing foods will support your gallbladder, your liver, as well as your thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands.

Hi! I'm Michele Stanford, an Educator, Author, Speaker, and a Certified Health Coach. I am passionate about supporting and guiding you on your own journey of discovery, learning, preparing, and beginning your own journey to whole health.


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